NABIAM Lecture Series: Additive manufacturing

NABIAM organizes the third series of scientific lectures covering Nanotechnology-Biosensors-Additive Manufacturing project topics.


When: 23.6.2021, 13:00 (CET)

Where: MS Teams -

Lecture abstracts:

Ing. Libor Beránek, Ph.D. (CTU in Prague - Department of machining, process planning and metrology)
Additive Manufacturing of Metals
Technologies and their functional principles. Process of AM and tools to support development of the whole production process.
Application potential it the areas of prototyping, casting dies and lightweighting. Economy behind the AM process.

DI Dr. Veronika Miron (JKU - Institute of Polymer Product Engineering)
Additive Manufacturing for Medical Applications
Additive manufacturing is used for more and more applications besides rapid prototyping. Special advantages lie in the design freedom and toolless production, which can save development time and production costs. The toolless production enables cheaper production of individualized products which is beneficial for personalized medicine. In this talk,  additive Manufacturing techniques available at the Institute of Polymer Product Engineering will be introduced and applications for medical applications will be discussed. Direct and indirect additive manufacturing techniques will be presented on the examples of a mouth stick for people that cannot move their hands or arms, a patient fixation mask for  radiotherapy and a training simulator for aneurysm clipping surgery for neurosurgeons.