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Business Upper Austria

Non-university research company for applied production research, ideally connected with stakeholders, 75 employees from 15 academic fields Specialization: Industrial assistance systems, additive (micro- / nano-) production. Mission is PROFACTOR is researche for the competitiveness of the European Industry. Our technological developments strive for efficiency and sustainability, and work to benefit society.  We are pioneers of the thinking production. We bring production back home (more information).

PROFACTOR is especially dedicated to the combination of additive manufacturing and functionalization of surfaces, which define the quality and functionality for components.

FON group (Functional Surfaces and Nanostructures)

Many products often have insufficient functionality and quality for the corresponding application because the production of complex surfaces was previously not possible. In medical technology, for example, implants (e.g. silicone implants) are renewed monthly due to the biofilm formation by bacteria and surgically replaced. Glass or polymer lenses have poor optical transmission properties due to surface reflections. Nanostructures with antibacterial effect or nanostructures for reflection reduction (e.g. moth eyes) promise innovative solutions, which can also be economically applied to products

Additive Manufacturing processes are – as well as assistance systems – a key to a competitive production in small lots and customized products. Additive Manufacturing enables ( almost) limitless design freedom and the ability to combine different materials. The focus of research is the consistent view of process chains from materials, form the processes up to the adaptation of the necessary equipment.

Pavel Kulha (MSc., PhD.)
Project manager, Senior Scientist

Hannes Fachberger
FON deputy head

DI Christian Wögerer, MSc.
International neworks

University of South Bohemia is located in České Budějovice in Czech Republic. We educate 9'000 students at 8 different faculties and in more than 220 study programmes. We are proud to be a top-quality science & research centre specialising in education and research in natural, human and social sciences. In the THE Young University Rankings 2020, the University of South Bohemia placed in 201.-250. place globally and in 1 place in the context of higher education institutions from the Czech Republic. Due to this excellent result, the University of South Bohemia is building on its successes in the context of the group of rankings THE World University Rankings in the global ranking (801.-1000. place). On 22nd July 2019 it also obtained a prestigious evaluation HR Award.

The Faculty of Science has evolved from Faculty of Biological Sciences founded in 1991. It offers undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate study in an array of biological disciplines, and since 2007 has extended to include several other fields of science (chemistry, physics, mathematics and informatics). (more information)

Institute of Applied informatics

The Institute of Applied informatics is focused on education and research in the field of applied informatics with well established cooperation with industry. It includes laboratory of Embedded systems and laboratory of 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

Mgr. Jakub Geyer
Researcher, Assistant lecturer

Ing. Rudolf Vohnout, Ph.D.
Head of the department, Researcher

PhDr. Miloš Prokýšek, Ph. D.
Assistant professor, Researcher

Ing. Jan Radil, Ph.D.
Assistant professor, Researcher

Institute of Physics

The Institute of Physics and Biophysics provides Bachelor‘s, Master‘s and Doctoral studies in field of Physics and Biolophysics as well as technical education in Electronics and Mechatronics. It includes Laboratory of Optical Spectroscopy, Laboratory of Computer Simulations, Laboratory of Electron Microscopy, Laboratory of Plasma Physics and Laboratory of Acoustics and Electronics

doc. RNDr. Straňák Vítězslav, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Researcher

Mgr. Petr Sezemský

Institute of Chemistry

The Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry is responsible for the Bachelor‘s and Master‘s programmes in Chemistry and Chemistry for Education. The research covers biochemistry and structural biology, environmental and analytical chemistry, computational chemistry, and interdisciplinary fields such as biophysical chemistry.

RNDr. Ján Štěrba, Ph.D.
Assistant professor, Researcher

Business Upper Austria, the business agency of the Upper Austrian government, is an innovation driver and a partner for location development & settlement of companies, cooperation and public funding advisory services. As a one-stop shop, we assist domestic and foreign companies by supplying tailor-made services and support them from the initial business idea through to market success (more information).

The Plastics Cluster

The Plastics Cluster is a cross-sectoral network of the plastics sector. The main activities consist mainly of initiating, promoting and coordinating the successful cooperation of companies. Moreover, the network consisting of over 400 partner companies, research institutions and decision-makers, is dedicated to improving the framework conditions for Austria as a plastics location.

Ing. Wolfgang Bohmayr
Clustermanager Plastics Cluster

Mag. Jürgen Bleicher
Project Manager Plastics Cluster

Dipl.Ing. Dr. Laura Lidauer Bsc
Project Manager Plastics Cluster

Medical Technology Cluster

The MedTech-Cluster of Business Upper Austria Wirtschaftsagentur OÖ GmbH, is the central interface between industry, science and medicine. In total, the MTC’s network consists of approx. 230 partners, whereby the MedTech-Cluster’s aim is to bring together relevant players from the MedTech-industry to support innovative ideas, create cooperation possibilities and realize fruitful project visions by becoming active cooperation partners in either regional, national or international projects.